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Speed Queen STW Quantum Control

Speed Queen STW Quantum Control


Get the most out of the Speed Queen legendary performance
on a reduced floor space thanks to our stack washer-dryers
or dryer-dryers. Totally free-standing, they can be
installed on any floor and any level. They are available
with top and front panels in anthracite grey or stainless steel.


Spec Sheet

Washer-extractor Features
• Stainless steel outer and inner drum
• Industry-leading 440 G-Force extraction removes more moisture, minimizing drying times and utility costs
Available in OPL or Coin/Token operated
• Suspension with new out-of-balance logic
• Soap box with four compartments
• Available with drain pump or drain valve
• Electrical heating or boiler-fed
• Soap supply injection allows easy connection with liquid soap pumps
• Longer lifetime: at least 15,000 cycles

Dryer Features
• Galvanized steel cylinder
• Oversized lint filter located in front for easy cleaning
• Powerful exhaust blower assures short drying times and low operating costs
• Electrical or gas heating

Quantum Controls
• 4 drying programs
• 6 washer programs
• 3 washer cycle modifiers

• Wi-fi connectivity via accessory, enabling access to Speed Queen Insights and Speed Queen App

• Available in 240V or 415V
• Available in OPL or Coin/Token operated

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