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SKU: Incomatic
Reduce cross contamination of infectious materials and minimise the risk of ward outbreaks, keeping staff and patients safe.     Incontinence products are disposed of immediately and efficiently, meaning no mess and no smell.
\nSpec Sheet
Incontinence Product Macerator \nTackling potentially embarrassing issues like incontinence quickly and effectively is important to maintaining high levels of care and the dignity of the patient or care home resident involved. \n \nThe DDC Dolphin Incomatic macerator presents a convenient and hygienic means of disposing of incontinence pads and nappies quickly and efficiently, giving your staff more time to care for their patients. \n \nIn a fast 2-minute cycle, specially designed cutting technology ensures incontinence products and nappies are shredded into fine particles and then discharged into the sewerage system. \n \nA post-maceration disinfection option for the inside of the chamber is also available. \n \nThis means there�s no smell, mess or need to store anything, dramatically reducing the potential risk of infection.
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