Girbau HS6008

Capacity 9kg (1/9)
8kg (1/10)
Logi pro control , Logi pro / Coin / token versions
Electric, hot water and steam heating

Diam.of drum 536 mm
Volume of drum 79,2 dm3

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Robustness, durability and profitability
Robust, profitable design . Made using the finest materials to
ensure long life and fast payback.
Intensive washing and care for linen
The Care Touch system and advanced controls ensure meticulous
care of linen. High quality finishes for linen, prolonging items’ life
by caring for fibres.
A control to meet every need
Choose from a wide range of fully-equipped controls to meet every
• Logi PRO up to 25 programmes / 11 phases, with 6 selectable
water levels and 4 dosing signals.
• Logi up to 8 programmes / 9 phases, with 4 selectable
water levels and 4 dosing signals.
• Coin for vended laundries, 4 fully configurable programmes.
• Profit Plus for vended laundries, 4 fully configurable
programmes plus 3 extra options to boost revenue.
High spin capacity. Save on drying.
HS washing machines feature a powerful spin G force which is kept
up throughout the spin phase. The residual humidity level in linen
is minimised, cutting heat energy costs in washing and reducing
drying times by up to 50%.
Aqua Fall
Water consumption is minimised thanks to the design of the
perforated blades in the drum, creating a cascade effect. More
washing action with less water, making it possible to shorten cycle
time and save water.
Plug and Play
No anchoring needed thanks to soft-mount technology.
Aqua Mixer
High-precision water temperature control system (+/- 1ºC)
throughout the cycle. In washing machines with internal heating
the temperature can be maintained. Excellent for the most
demanding processes, such as disinfection.

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