Girbau PBP5132

The main objective of the PB Series ironers is to aid
the ironing process in laundries where space and production
make this a critical process. The fexibility of this product
reveals itself in its multiple confgurations and heating options.

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Exclusive Patent
The Girbau patented kinematic tensioning system is one of the key factors explaining the finishing quality of PB ironers. This system is based on a constant balance between tensions and weights between different rollers to achieve constant tensioning of the straps. Taking advantage of the movement of the straps over the rollers, they are rebalanced to keep uniform tension and achieve a professional finish.

Care Touch Roll
Roller with a chrome surface coating to achieve excellent ironing quality and extend the life of textiles, as well as being highly rust-resistant even during idle periods.The angle of contact between the linen and the roller is 270°, making it possible to work at high speeds (up to 11 and 15 m/min depending on the model).

To take maximum advantage of heat energy and boost productivity, the control display indicates in real time the feeding area with the highest temperature. The system is designed to guide the operator during the ironing process, and adapts to the type of linen and conditions.

The system automatically adjusts the ironing speed depending on the type of linen and degree of dampness. With Autospeed it is possible to keep an even, stable temperature. The sensors capture precise, reliable information.

The PBP models incorporate a 1-lane folder using a photocell system that calculates the total length of the item and adjusts primary folding. In automatic mode it adapts to items of all kinds without any need to change the programme or interrupt the process. In manual mode the operator sets the length of the item and the controller determines the number of folds and their length. In advanced mode the operator sets the length of the item and selects the desired number of folds.

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