Girbau Compact Pro 600

Who said that a high productivity industrial ironing
system requires a large space? Compact PRO is proof
that a high-quality and highly productive ironing
system can also have a small footprint. In just 20m2,
a single machine integrates 5 functions: Feeding, drying,
ironing, folding, stacking and collecting. It quickly
and efficiently processes bed and table linens with superior

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5 Functions in 1 in minimum space
Feeding, drying, ironing, folding and stacking in a single unit. Synchronisation and ease of operation are in the Compact PRO ironing system’s DNA.

Versatility in feeding
Compact PRO makes it possible to adjust the feeding in a versatile way, with 1 or 2 people, to respond to the needs of each of your customers.

Ironing and Drying in one, saving on a Dryer
The heat output of the Compact PRO makes it possible to iron the clothes directly without needing to pass previously through the dryer. Thus, it not only saves time, but particularly the energy invested in the process of drying (one of the most expensive laundry processes).

High-quality Ironing
It ensures a finish of exceptional quality as a result of the treatment of the roller surface and the interwoven straps.

The difference in the final finish
The Compact PRO achieves its final ironing quality thanks to the linen being in contact with the roller surface for longer (passing over 270° out of 360° on the cylinder). In addition, the interwoven arrangement of the two strap circuits prevents any marks from transferring to the linen.

Adaptable Folding
• Allows up to 2 length folds
• Allows up to 3 cross folds on 1 lane and the possibility of 2 cross folds on 2 lanes.

The exclusive stacker design ensures good-quality stacking. The piles are perfectly stacked.

Industrial Ironing system in a small space
Space is one of the arguments that sets the Compact PRO apart. The minimum working space is only 20m2. An industrial ironing system is now an option for all those who until now had to rule it out due to space problems.

Output reaches up to 175Kg/h (386lbs/h) of linen.

Protections and Safety
Compact PRO has been designed with protections and safety elements for the user’s peace of mind. It also takes in consideration visibility and accessibility for any type of maintenance.

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