Electrolux WH6-6

Electrolux WH6-6 commercial washing machine is a high spin, free standing machine with a drum capacity of 53 litres and a maximum dry load weight capacity of 6kg. Available in manual OPL, Electrolux Coin Operated or fitted with the Nayax cashless payment system. As with all Electrolux laundry equipment ease of installation, maintenance and operation have been carefully considered, designed and engineered.

The industrial build quality of the machine will ensure years of reliable trouble-free operation in the most demanding laundry environments. This Electrolux laundry machine features in the Electrolux Lagoon Wet Cleaning Advanced Care System range due to the flexibility of the Compass Pro control giving the user professional features, infinite control and dedicated wash programs when used with the Laundry Program Manager software.




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Priority on people
Certified ergonomic design with a human-centered approach for an outstanding user experience.

• ClarusVibe microprocessor and 7” color TS control: intuitive, fully editable programs, multi-language, on-screen statistics, fully controlling the detergent pumps.
• Very easy connection to Electrolux pumps Jetsave and Dosave with one cable for power supply and one for dosing signals.
• Simple connection to all generic pumps.
• Connection to up to 15 pumps.

Long-term savings
Innovative features designed for lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption, to save money and time, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle.
• Automatic Savings weighs the linen and adjusts the water level to the amount of linen, saving water and energy at less than full load
• Intelligent Dosing ensures that the precise amount of chemicals will be added automatically according to the weight of the load, saving chemicals
• Power Balance measures, corrects the unbalance and adjusts the G force in real time, maximizing the dewatering, saving money and time in the drying process

Pure control
Monitoring of the status of the equipment and performance from anywhere, allowing to take action to improve the business.
• Washers connectable to OnE Laundry, the personal assistant for hygiene validation, process management and revenue management

Main options and accessories
• Integrated Savings is measuring the load in real time, ensuring optimization of the load and maximum productivity. IS provides also extended machine lifetime through the unique overload protection function, as machine will not start if overloaded. In addition, it will reduce water and energy consumption at less than full load
• Dosave pumps (peristaltic) and Jetsave pumps (venturi) for less maintenance, precise and consistent dosage, easy installation and durable valves
• Connection to booking-/payment system or coin meter

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