Electrolux TS5121 Drying Cabinet

Drying Cabinets for superior textile care in all kinds of applications

Gentle drying of delicate materials like wool, velvet, silk and linen isn‘t easy.  And when it comes to protection in workwear and sports clothing, boots and gloves, conventional drying solutions have limitations because of the mechanical action.

Outstanding flexibility
Designed for sensitive garments, protective workwear, outdoor clothing and bulky items.

Quality and care
Top quality results and textile care thanks to gentle drying without mechanical action.

Save time and money
Fast and gentle drying, quicker and better than hang or flat-drying. Extended lifetime of garments and workwear.

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Features and benefits

• A drying cabinet is used to efficiently dry bulky or sensitive items
• No mechanical action – suitable for all kinds of garments such as gloves, shoes and delicate garments like silk and linen
• Extended lifetime of sensitive garments/work wear
• Time saving when used instead of flat or hang drying
• Ergonomic design – handle along whole side of the door and user friendly height of control panel, suitable for disabled users
• Hangers made of stainless steel/insulated doors for quiet operation and robust design
• The drying cabinet works with suction which prevents leakage of air into the room
• Double fans and air ducts create a perfect air balance and even drying result in the whole drying cabinet
• Easy operation:
– 2 automatic drying programs will stop once the load is dry
– Large doors and opening angle
– 18 extensible hangers for easy loading/unloading
– Built in work light
• Flexible installation:
– Adjustable feet
* Applies to 8 kg dry weight cotton with 50% residual moisture.

• Kit with shoe rack and glove hanger for more efficient drying of shoes, boots, gloves, hats etc.
Shoe rack + Glove hanger: 988702980, 432730570
• Hanger which makes hanging of the garments easier
Hanger: 988703211, 432731032

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