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Electrolux TD6-20

Electrolux TD6-20

SKU: TD6-20
Line 6000 is several laps ahead of other dryers in\nterms of energy savings and speed. This is good for\nthe world around us and good for your bottom line.\nBy investing heavily in advanced technology,\nwe have achieved outstanding drying times\nwhile also reducing the dryer's life cycle costs.\n\nSpec Sheet\n\n 
The most productive tumble dryer \nThe new Line 6000 tumble dryers benefit from an advanced technology that consistently reduces drying times and grant up to 60% savings on energy. \n \nWith the shortest drying time on the market, no other tumble dryer can handle the volumes ours does in the same amount of time. \n \nDesigned with the user in mind the new Line 6000 tumble dryers let you work more comfortably making each repetitive movement less tiring. \n \nDiscover more by downloading our brochure. High performance, less noise \nAdaptive Fan Control to Save Energy \nThe Adaptive Fan control adjusts the fan speed automatically to save energy and reduce drying time providing an even drying result. \n \nWhen you have more than one tumble dryer in a series and your ventilation duct has a constant diameter the Adaptive Fan will adjust the fan speed to keep air flowing efficiently. The Adaptive Fan control also makes the fan last longer, to save you time and money.
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