Electrolux myPRO Washer

myPRO is designed for small businesses that need laundry solutions stronger and faster than standard domestic appliances.  Businesses that require durable Washers, efficient Dryers and productive Finishing Equipment, but have no need for an advanced professional solution.

myPRO offers:
Higher durability and flexibility
Superb quality results in less time
Professional benefits on a sensible budget
Warranty for professional applications

Perfect for small businesses such as
Small Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts
Small Restaurants
Hairdressing and Beauty salons
Sport and Fitness clubs
Facility Management companies
Out-of-home resident services
Restaurant Chains / Franchise and more



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Benefits and features
Superb capacity and performance:
– Process all laundry in one go thanks to generous 8 kg capacity
– Best wash results and garment care due to unique professional drum with 4.5 mm holes for efficient evacuation of debris (standard 2.2 mm)
– Time and cost savings in drying with moisture extraction at 1,400 rpm

Up to 50% faster and easy to use:
– Meet every need with professional programs, from energy-efficient and mild to disinfection and mop programs
– Save time: Cotton 60 ºC programs take 82 minutes (starting with cold water at 15 °C)
– Reduce cycle time by an extra 12 minutes by using the hot water inlet
– Flexible installation thanks to smart drain pump configuration
– Fast wash program: wash in less than 30 minutes

Triple the lifetime
– Extra long lifetime due to durable construction with professional components
– Less vibration thanks to highly effective shock absorbance system and optimally balanced components and panelling
– No chemical corrosion: stainless steel front and top
– Trouble-free operation due to gravity drain valve model for the most demanding applications

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