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Danube R2D25-120

Danube R2D25-120

SKU: R2D25-120

In the catering sector, the finishing of table cloth is an important need that does not necessarily require the use of a dryer ironer, which is more specific to the hotel industry.


The optimization of space in restaurants, hostels and small structures is also an important factor. For this reason, DANUBE has developed a range of ironers that can be installed in very small spaces and that require practically no specific installation or maintenance.


Spec Sheet


Simple and user friendly: digital screen, precise control of temperature Preset ironing speeds, not adjutable  


Large roll contact area with the linen Automatic roll lifting control by photocell detection Two available models: Standard: roll with cotton polyester coating Nomex: roll with Nomex coating  


Nomex coating: resistant to high temperatures Panels in grey skinplate and stainless steel Wooden feeding board New kinematics: better reliability Industrial componets; more durable  


Acoustic comfort : 55 dB Minimum space requirement: space saving, suitable for small spaces Ideal for processing small quantity of flat linen in facilities like restaurants, guest rooms, hostels...  


Easy installation : requires only an electrical connection Easy access on both sides for maintenance Quick and easy dismantling of bearings  


  • Front feeding and return  
  • Roll ø 250 mm  
  • Working widths: 1.400 and 2.000 mm  
  • Electric heating  
  • CE certification   


  • Pedal control kit (instead of photocell)  
  • Marine tension 440V III 60 Hz without N  
  • Tension 230V III 50-60 Hz 
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