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Danube R-18/120

Danube R-18/120

SKU: R18-120

The ideal machine for your small business at a great price.


Compact in size, these machines are ideally suited to small spaces and are simple to install as they do not have an air exhaust or connections, except the electric supply.


Spec Sheet

These machines are small in dimensions and mural, so they can be placed in a reduced space, with hardly installation as they do not have air exhaust or connections except the electric supply.


  • Front feed and return.
  • Panels in skin plate. Top panels in stainless steel.
  • Roll dimensions: from 1.000 and 1.200 mm wide and 180 mm diameter.
  • Electronic microprocessor to control the temperature.
  • Electric heating.
  • Standard model: Roll covered in polyester and cotton felt.
  • Nomex model: padded and covered in Nomex, to work at higher temperatures, up to 190ºC.
  • Chest in anodized aluminium.
  • Manual lifting of the chest.
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