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Danube Micra II

Danube Micra II

SKU: Micra II

Where to install the MICRAII flatwork ironer ?

The MICRAII dryer-ironer is particularly designed for businesses with only small pieces of flat linen to be handle (tablecloths) and / or few bedsheets such as in restaurants, guest rooms, hostels... where this model better performs than simple ironers.


Spec Sheet

  •  Dries and irons in a single operation directly from a high speed spin washer extractor.
  •  Front feeding and return of the linen.
  •  Electric heated. 
  • Easy Control
  • microprocessor, 7 preset speeds of ironing.
  •  Single roll 
  • 200 mm in polished steel.
  •  Available working width 1.400 mm.
  •  Motor with speed inverter.
  •  Built-in cool down system.
  •  Painted steel panels.
  •  Feeding and ironing by Nomex bands.
  •  Double emergency stops: hands safety bar and front emergency pushbutton.
  •  Heating protection by 2 thermostat
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