Murphy's Laundry


We understand that finishing is an important part of the laundry process.  We offer a complete range of ironers and tables to help finish your linen to a high standard.  Our finishing equipment is ideal for hotels, guesthouses and care homes.  You can choose from easy to use, highly automated finishing presses to basic electrically heated ironing tables.  As well as boosting the productivity of your laundry operation, our finishing equipment ensures top quality finishing, garment after garment.

Ironing Tables

Ironing tables are suitable for a wide range of sectors including hospitality, care, laundry and ironing businesses. We have a large range of ironing tables to suit your needs. Choose from tables with built in boilers, steaming, vacuuming and blowing functions, the boiler capacity and the number of irons you require.

Commercial Roller Ironers

Rollers ironers are an ideal choice for the hospitality sector, commercial laundries and the care sector, where finishing linen to a high standard is a key element in the laundry process. Our ironers can dry and iron in a single operation directly from a high spin washer extractor. They are available in a number of working widths and heated by gas, electric or steam.

Industrial Roller Ironers

Designed for consistent, high quality results, our range of industrial roller ironers will ensure improved productivity, energy efficiency and precision. You can choose from a range of features including a built- in cool down system, stainless cylinders and speed control.