Sapphire makes managing a laundry business much easier, warning management of irregularities and helping cut costs and downtime

In its firm commitment to advancing servitisation and accompanying clients in their laundry businesses

Girbau revolutionises laundry management with Sapphire, a smart remote-control software 

Geared towards commercial and vended laundry services, this ground-breaking solution draws on both IoT technology and the company’s know-how to make the business more profitable 

Sapphire makes managing a laundry business much easier, warning management of irregularities and helping cut costs and downtime


Girbau, a leader in comprehensive professional laundry solutions, is revolutionising commercial and vended laundry management with Sapphire, one of the latest innovations from the company. It is based on a smart remote-control software that draws on the latest technology on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the company’s know-how to optimise business and improve profitability.

In the words of Jaume Simonet, the company’s R&D director, “Sapphire is a great step forward in our firm commitment to bringing the latest technology to laundry. This innovation brings differential value to our clients, allowing them to maximise business performance and become more competitive in the market.”  And he adds, “Sapphire is a solid bet to continue with the new business model based on servitisation and helping clients throughout the process.”


Sapphire doesn’t add. It multiplies.

Sapphire helps clients manage the business holistically, analysing data, compiling production reports and doing anything remotely, in real time, from any device. This is the only solution of its kind on the market, with the most advanced functions. Highlights include that it is intuitive and user-friendly, as well as being the most complete platform, allowing for customisation to adapt to the needs of each business, with specific functions for the commercial and vended sectors.

Likewise, Sapphire optimises time management. Meaning, it helps cut downtime, transport and unnecessary phone calls, etc. The software has a smart-alerts system that sends the owner an SMS and/or email when there is any irregularity in how the machinery works. Once it has been identified, with Sapphire, owners can make adjustments in real time to prevent further incidents and compensate the client with another programme. So, problems are solved quickly and effectively, optimising time and providing information and data to help choose the best commercial strategy. This significantly cuts costs and boosts profits.


Comprehensive service

Sapphire is part of the comprehensive service Girbau offers, which includes consulting and guidance on everything from designing and planning the project to providing machinery and high-tech solutions. The software allows the company to take yet another step forward and bring value added to its clients, as it draws from both the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology and the know-how Girbau has gained through its long history in the sector.

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